Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are set by our curator who has the final say with all matters regarding The Create Company.

Culture of all stallholders

  • Upon application approval, all stallholders become representatives of The Create Company culture and standards.
  • All stallholders must support the ongoing vision of The Create Company.
  • All stallholders must show respect and support the business pursuits of other vendors.
  • All stallholders must not engage in local gossip regarding any of The Create Company events or any of its vendors.
  • All stallholders must maintain a professional and courteous attitude towards other vendors and volunteers/staff of The Create Company at all times.
  • All stallholders must be committed to restoring local trade and relationship within our community.
  • All stallholders must arrive on time to ensure readiness, professionalism and presentation of stall.
  • All stallholders must ensure products are displayed professionally and in a way that is pleasing to the eye.
  • All stallholders must provide at least 72 hours notice if unable to attend a market that has been registered for. 
  • All stallholders must provide their own equipment including table & chair.
  • All stallholders must stay until the end of an event - failure to do so will result in strong consideration of future attendance.
  • Stall size must not be larger than agreed prior to the market commencing. If this is not adhered too, The Create Company will either ask for the stallholder to downsize or they may be asked to leave.